Terms of Use for the App
Interdimensional Transmission Transcender

1. Scope

These are the terms of use for the Interdimensional Transmission Transcender App (hereafter: Transcender App). They apply between you as a user of the „Transcender App“ and Nijaz Tanjo, Wallbergstr. 6c, 85560 Eberberg.

These Terms of Use, together with the Privacy Policy, govern the use of the „Transcender App“.

You agree to these terms by using the „Transcender App“ regardless of whether you create a user account or not. When registering a user account, you confirm your consent by clicking a button.

2. User account

You can only use some functions of the „Transcender App“ if you create a user account and sign up for a Premium subscription. When you create an account, your information must be accurate and complete. You must keep the password for your user account secret and keep it secure. You will inform us immediately if you become aware of any unauthorized use of your user account. You are solely responsible for all activities performed under your user account.

3. Costs

The use of the module / program part „planet transmission“ of the „Transcender App“ is free of charge and requires no user account.

For all other content and functionality you need a premium subscription. The cost of the premium subscription, on a mobile device, is monthly. The browser version of the „Transcender App“ offers the option to buy a premium subscription for six or twelve months. The subscription ends automatically after six or twelve months and does not have to be explicitly canceled. The costs for this subscription are payable once in case of a new conclusion. At the end of the subscription, the user has the option to renew the subscription for another six or twelve months.

When using the „Transcender App“ via mobile devices, fees of the telecommunications provider for the data transmission may be incurred.

All costs are displayed in Euro including VAT.

4. Transcend App Premium subscription

With a Premium subscription you get access to all contents and functionalities of the „Transcender App“. A premium subscription requires that you create a user account. The „Transcender App“ can be tested free of charge for 30 days, by registering a user account and activating the trial subscription. The test subscription ends automatically, a cancellation is  not required.

5. Use of the Premium Subscription

All contents of the „Transcender App“ are available to you as a premium subscriber for personal use only. It is expressly prohibited to reproduce paid content and pass it on to third parties. This also applies to the transfer of your personal account access data to third parties, via which access to the „Transcender App“ would be possible.

After purchasing a subscription, its status will be displayed immediately in the app under „Settings“. For this you have to complete the payment process and confirm. Please pay attention to the hints given to you there. Should it be e.g. If you experience problems due to an unexpected disconnect and your status is not updated properly, please contact us via email: transzender@metalicht.com.

6. Payment process for „Transcender App“ premium subscription

The payment process is technically provided and operated by an external, certified service provider. For the use the usage and data protection regulations of the respective provider apply. Should any problems arise within the scope of the transaction, please contact our support via the contact form provided or write us to the address stated above in the Terms of Use. We’ll take care of it immediately.

7. Age restriction

If you are under 16, you may only use the „Transcender App“ if your parents have consented. From the age of 16, you may use the offer of the „Transcender App“, except for the content, for which a premium subscription is required (see 3. Costs). If you are under age and want to sign up for a „Transcender App“ premium subscription, then your parents need to agree and make the transaction in the app for you.

8. Data protection consent:
As part of registering a user account with the „Transcender App“, you consent to the collection, processing and use of personal data of the „Transcender App“ as set out below:

a.) Registration data:
When registering a user account, you can log in directly with your email address. When registering directly with your email address, you must enter your email address, your first name, your name, and also select a password.

b.) Logfiles
Each time you click on the „Transcender App“, certain information is automatically sent to our server and server by third parties and then stored by them in so-called log files. These are for example information
• about the operating system you are using,
• the device ID of the devices you are using,
• the time when the call was made.

c.) Transmission or disclosure of your data to third parties
In principle, we do not transmit your data without your consent to third parties. However, a technical transfer may be made if and to the extent that this is necessary for the operation of the „Transcender App“ or for other reasons for the establishment, execution or execution of your relationship with us. This applies, for example, to the external service provider hosting the offer of the „Transcender App“ (i.e. the service provider that runs the servers for the „Transcender App“).
If you make use of chargeable parts of our offer, we will also transfer personal data to our external payment service provider as far as necessary. Please also note the data protection regulations of our service provider, to which you may be referred.
You agree that we may share your credentials with third parties, if deemed necessary to enable them to enforce intellectual property rights or privacy rights.
In addition, we may be required by law to provide data in individual cases and by order to law enforcement agencies.

9. Termination of the „Transcender App“ premium subscription
The „Transcender App“ subscription runs on mobile devices indefinitely, the „subscription period“ runs from the day of booking the subscription for one month, eg. from 15.3 to 14.4. The payment is due monthly. The subscription can be terminated at any time without notice before the end of the respective subscription period and then expires with the next subscription month. In the „Settings“ of the „Transcender App“ we offer you in the status-display of your membership the function „cancel subscription“.
The „Transcender App“ subscription does not run indefinitely in the browser version, the „subscription period“ runs from the day the subscription is booked for six or twelve months, eg. from 15.2 to 14.8. The subscription does not have to be canceled and automatically expires at the end of the term.
Once your „Transcender App“ subscription has expired, you will be denied access to the paid portions of the app. The subscription can then be closed again at any time at a later date. However, your user account will remain in effect after termination of the „Transcender App“ premium subscription and may have to be terminated separately.

10. Termination of the user account
You can cancel your account at any time with immediate effect. You can do that by sending us a message from the email address you used to sign up in the „Transcender App“ via the contact form or by sending us a written notice to the above mentioned. Send address. Such a termination terminates your contractual relationship with us. If you have a „Transcender App“ subscription and would like to cancel your user account, you must first cancel your „Transcender App“ subscription.
We may terminate your contract with us with immediate effect if you have violated these terms of use or if we are required by law to do so. We may restrict or discontinue the service in whole or in part at any time or suspend it for certain countries. In such a case, we can terminate your contractual relationship with us at the end of each month.

11. Right of revocation for „Transcender App“ premium subscription

a) When purchasing the subscription via the browser version of the app
If you are a consumer in the sense of § 13 BGB, you have in principle a legal right of withdrawal for contracts for the acquisition of digital contents. This also applies to the purchase of a „Transcender App“ subscription. You can cancel your subscription within 14 days from the conclusion of the contract without giving a reason. Details on the right of withdrawal and a form for exercising the withdrawal can be found here.

b) When purchasing the subscription through the Google Play Store
If you purchased your „Transcender App“ subscription through the Google Play Store, your right of withdrawal will be governed by the Google Play Store Terms of Service. You can find these here. Via this link you can apply directly to Google for the cancellation of your subscription.

c) When purchasing the subscription via the Apple App Store or iTunes
If you have purchased your „Transcender App“ subscription through the Apple App Store or iTunes, you will find details of your right of withdrawal and a form to exercise the revocation here.

12. Warranty exclusion
We provide you the „Transcender App“ and the functionalities offered „as seen“ available and assume no warranty or guarantee.

13. Limitation of Liability
Our liability is limited as follows: We are only liable for damages in which the cause of the damage is based on an intentional or grossly negligent breach of duty by us or one of our legal representatives or vicarious agents. Furthermore, we are liable for the slightly negligent breach of material obligations whose breach jeopardizes the achievement of the purpose of the contract, or for the breach of obligations whose fulfillment enables the proper execution of the contract in the first place and on whose compliance you regularly rely. We are not liable for the slightly negligent violation of obligations other than those mentioned in the preceding sentences.
The above limitations of liability shall not apply to injury to life, limb or health, to a defect after taking over a guarantee, to the quality of the product and to fraudulently concealed defects.

14. Modification of these Terms of Use
We reserve the right to change these terms of use. Of course, we will inform you of any changes to these Terms of Use. We will alert you to visiting the „Transcender App“ for a period of time after updating these Terms of Use. If you do not oppose the new Terms of Use within two weeks of receiving the notice, you agree. We will again point out to you in the communication the possibility and deadline of the objection, as well as the meaning and / or the consequences of the omission of a contradiction.

15. Applicable law
For all legal relations between us the law of the Federal Republic of Germany applies. However, this choice of law applies only insofar as the protection granted by mandatory provisions of the law of the state in which you have your habitual residence, is not withdrawn.

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